Gold Coloured Braided Necklace And Bracelet Set


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20 inch (50.5 cm) braided gold-coloured necklace featuring a handmade glass pendant from Red Dragon Lampwork with a matching 8 inch (20 cm) bracelet.

This gorgeous gold coloured necklace is 20 inches (50.5 cm) long and braided using a Japanese Marudai (braiding stand). It is made using a luscious gold coloured fabric and is finished by a Tibetan Silver toggle clasp.

The pendant is a beautiful handmade glass pendant, approximately 1.5 inches (4 cm) long and 5 eights inch (1.5 cm) wide, made by Lampwork artist Bob Thomas of Red Dragon Lampwork (

This necklace is a accompanied by a matching braided 8 inch (20 cm) bracelet.

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