A Crafters Malaise

A Crafters Malaise! 

Yesterday was a wonderful day. The sun was shining after an almost unending winter and I was at a great craft fair at a stunning venue. So why am I sad? Another of my babies has gone!

I shall explain.

It all starts from an idea. It might be a random doodle on a scrap of paper, or a spark of inspiration at 3am (why does inspiration never hit at a civilised hour?). Then comes the collecting of the materials: finding the right thread, the right combination of stones, spacers that compliment, refining the design, putting the kettle on, etc. Then it starts. The first knots bring it to life, it grows and evolves as beads get added, problems get encountered and solutions become improvements. What starts as an idea takes shape. It rarely (never) develops exactly as expected but it’s yours, your work, your pride. And then the final fittings get added. It is suddenly a piece of jewellery. A unique piece of art created from your imagination, your hands.

But the problem is, it’s not mine at all. I didn’t make it to be mine. Much as I have come to love it, it was created to be sold to someone who will wear it and gain pleasure from it themselves. Yesterday’s piece (one of my favourites) was sold as a gift. I’m happy it’s found a home. I hope the lady in question enjoys it.

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